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District Support Services

School Support Services is one of the divisions of administrative services that deal with the day to day operations of the school system.  Global trends provide an opportunity for us to address all of the concerns and needs of Bladen County Schools at minimal expense.  Auxiliary services have started the process of preparing our workers to be able to man and tap resources that can make our school system run effectively and efficiently. 

With the economy as it is today, we are having to take less and do more.  We are now placing cameras on job sites instead of making individual school visits to read and monitor climate controls.  This puts auxiliary services in a position of not only having individuals with manual skills but individuals that are capable of using 21st century skills.  In order to obtain our best prices and products, stay abreast of current trends and materials, job certifications, resources available, and operational equipment, it is of the upmost importance that 21st century skills be in place.

Our department covers a wide range of services which include:


  • School Resource Officers
  • Student Discipline
  • Athletics
  • Facility Rental
  • Student Transfer
  • Drug Testing
  • Title IX
  • DARE